Website conception for non-profit

Website conception for Rando-Travail non-profit organisation in Switzerland


Rando-Travail is a non profit organisation based in Switzerland that helps troubled young people. The concept is as following: an adult accompanies a young person for a few months. Together they hike through the Swiss countryside et make some stops to work in organic farms. The Axxun Evalua company, which is one of my regular clients, chose this project for its 2017 pro-bono project and asked me to handle the website creation.

Step 1 - Discovery

The Rando-Travail association already had a website so I was able to look for pieces of information that I needed in order to understand their work.
First, I gathered and reorganized all the info because I found the current website quite confusing. From there, I was able to understand more clearly what they do and what are their objectives.
The project main points were to allow the visitors to understand at a glance the purpose of the organisation, something that was not clear on the current website. Then I needed to insert a subscription form for both parties (the adults and the young people) Those forms had to be easy to find and to download in different languages.

Step 2 - Website Conception and Design

For this project I used the Weebly platform. The first thing I did was to choose the website theme and colors. I used the yellow from the logo as main color. This bright color is appealing and gives a nice modern twist. Then I selected some pictures showing some nice Swiss landscapes. Finally, I decided to add some character to the website by using large section including a picture and a quote written in a big and poster like font.

Once the main design was defined, I worked on the website structure. The home page had to display right away the organisation purpose. That is why I inserted a quick description of the association, a part about the accompanying adults and a part intended for the young applicants. Every section ended with a “learn more” link.
On the home page, I also added a news section so the association can display there the last hiking trips and itineraries.

From the main menu, the visitor has access to every piece of info that he might look for: the association actions, the members directory, the subscription forms…

I used there different tools to ease the reading while keeping the content appealing. I created a timeline and a map to explain how the hiking process works and to show the itineraries.


This website creation was an interesting exercice. The main challenge was to structure the info in order to make it user-friendly. And it is always a pleasure to work with Axxun Evalua on this kind of project especially when it is for a good cause!