Online shop Design for a luxury brand in Switzerland

Ogier, online shop design and conception for a luxury shop in switzerland


Ogier is a luxury brand based in Europe. They offer a clothing line that was initially oriented towards skiing equipments. More and more they expand their collections and their clothing line is now quite complete.
As they were willing to be more present on a larger scale, the owner contacted Axxun Evalua to build their online shop.
I have been working with Hanael (director at Axxun Evalua) for two years. This project was the first of many and the beginning of a wonderful partnership.

Step 1 - Website Structure

Hanael was looking for a really minimalist website. Even though it might seem simple to achieve, it is in fact a big challenge. To obtain a nice minimalist design, every detail matters. The space management has to be perfect. About that I learnt a lot working with Hanael who is a former architect and as an eye for details. Together we created a design that matches perfectly the brand: simple, elegant, timeless.

Step 2 - Online Shop Creation and Design

Once the general aspect was defined, we had to create the online shop. We used WooCommerce to do so. I set up the shop including:

Taxes set up
Delivery and fees
Invoices design
Product set up (sizes, colors, price…)
Product, checkout and card pages design…

After doing some testing, the online shop was all set up and ready for launch.

Step 3 - Theme Change

After a few months of use, Hanael and I realized that the chosen theme was slow and not very user-friendly. We decided to change the theme to obtain a more performing website. It was the good call because the switch increased considerably the page loading time. The checkout process is also better and easier for the end user.
This experience has helped me improve my skills regarding online shop creation. I am now more aware of the issues that might emerge in the process.


It is just great to work with Melanie on a WordPress + Woocommerce website. She is independent, seeks to solve problems, fetches information. We will definitely keep working with her.

– Hanael | Axxun Evalua CEO