Mélanie Guille

Mélanie Guille

Branding Website design and business cards design

Mélanie Guille, hair stylist in Toronto : Branding, website design and business cards


Mélanie work in as a hairstylist in Toronto. This is how I met her while I was looking for a french speaking hairstylist. Her dream is to work in the fashion field. When she was invited to go to New York for a photoshoot, she asked me to create for her a branding and a website to showcase her work.

  • Branding, Website & Business Cards
  • Client: Mélanie Guille
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Step 1 - Discovery & Branding

I knew Mélanie before starting working with her so I was aware of her professional expectations and her wish to work at fashion shows.
I started by creating a logo. As we both like the minimalist designs, we decided to use her name as logo and simply apply to it a nice and memorable font.
From there, I created her business cards from a picture she loved. This was a good way to display her work in an elegant manner. The picture background was made of concrete and added a nice grunge aspect to it.

Step 2 - Website Design

Mélanie website was designed in order to showcase her work so I made it simple and artistic. A lot of space is dedicated to pictures. Her portfolio is full of nice photoshoot that are elegantly displayed. The Instagram plugin allows her to showcase her last designs without needing to connect to the backend of the website. Everything is automated.
The result is a simple and affordable website that, I am pretty sure of it, will bring her to the top!