La Noisette D’Oc

La Noisette D’Oc

Total re-branding

Total re-branding of La Noisette D’Oc

Rebranding, Website Design, Online shop


Karine and Yvan Caussel are the owners of a shell farm based in the South of France. Everday, they wake up early and go to bed late to deliver some treasures from the sea to their clients.
Their small company hire 2 to 4 people depending on the season. Their activity includes both a production and distribution part and a tourism-focused aspect.
Due to their expertise and authenticity, they received a lot of quality certifications and labels.

When I first met Karine and Yvan, their tourist activities had started to increase and that is why it was essential for them to improve their company branding.
In the shell farm craft environment, a lot of businesses don’t have the resources to set up a suitable marketing strategy. However, some competitors in the area had already started to use digital tools to enhance their business. For La Noisette d’Oc it was time to do something.

Step 1 - Discovery

While talking with Karine, I analyzed her needs in order to be able to create a visual concept that fit both her ideas and the reality of the company.
The values we chose to highlight are: transparency, authenticity and quality.
La Noisette d’Oc already had a logo, so I started from there to create a branding that would match those chosen values.

Step 2 - Branding

Customers tend to mistrust sea products. That is reason why I chose white as primary color because it brings the idea of cleanliness and transparency.
Karine was willing to use the ochre color from the logo as accent color. The one I chose was particularly interesting because it is made of brown (like the soil) and gold. The gold brings the idea of luxury and rarity, two concepts that go along with the product they sell.
From there, we chose a picture that would form a harmonious whole: three oysters on a white background. Simple, pure, authentic.

The branding was defined. Next step was to use it for flyers, business cards, brochures…

Step 3 - Website

Once the branding was all set, I used the same markers for the website. The background is white, the 3 oysters appear in the header and the ochre touch add a touch of color.
The architecture of the website was a big challenge. Indeed, Karine and Yvan offer a very wide range of services and all of them had to be displayed without losing the visitor. The solution I chose is a mega menu that ease the navigation.
Then I added a page to describe the products, the heart of the company as well as a calendar so prospects can see the events to come at the farm. This calendar is linked to Karine’s Google agenda so she doesn’t need to connect to the admin panel to manage the events, it is updated automatically.
Finally, I inserted some testimonials and an “about” section with a photo gallery.

Step 4 - Online Shop

A year later, as the website was successful, Karine decided to sell their products online.
The technical solution I used to create the shop is a second WordPress website developed on a subdomain with a woocommerce plugin. Woocommerce allowed us to set up variable products like gourmet baskets. The customer can choose the kind of wine he wants, the oyster’s size…

I also create a “how it works” section so the sale process is clear and simple for customers that are not very comfortable with ordering in line.

To generate traffic, I suggested that we create a blog section and a newsletter subscription so Karine can send promotions and keep her customers up to date. To increase the number of subscriptions, I designed a recipe e-book that is offered to every new subscriber.


Mélanie, good for you if you know her ! As a professional designer she listened my expectations, but not only! She add a bit of renew in a very classic business. Fast and details oriented, I would most definitely recommend her.

– Karine | La Noisette d’Oc Owner