Global Aire

Global Aire

marketing document design in Toronto

marketing document design, flyers, brochure, business cards, website in toronto

Project Description

Global Aire is a specialist in commercial kitchen ventilation.
At first, they asked me to design business cards for them. they were looking for something modern and outstanding. Then, I worked on their website to allow them to display their products.
Finally, I designed a tri-fold brochure in the same line as the website and the business cards.

Global Aire est spécialisé dans la vente d’équipement de ventilation pour les cuisines commerciales.

Business Cards

Global Aire needed business cards and asked me to provide them with a fresh and modern design. We choose a squared format that goes along well with their squared logo. Then I added the info on it in a clean and elegant manner.

Website Re-Design

For the website, they wanted a classic layout so their clients would be familiar with the format. It allows the visitors to easily find information about their products.

Design de Brochure

The third phase of the project was to provide them with a modern looking brochure in a tri-fold format. The circles add a nice little twist while staying in their brand guidelines.