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Citizen at Work

Web Design for a swiss association

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Citizen@Work-Swiss is a branch of an independent European movement, structured around a group of professionals coming from various universes. Its goal is to reflect and promote a better balance between private life and work in order to stay healthy.

Axxun Evalua was leader on this project and asked me to handle the website design.

Step 1 - Discovery

I started to work based on the European website content. That way I had a better idea of what needed to be highlighted while I was working on the mockup.

The colors to use were a dark bleu and a pale green. So I used blue as main color and green as secondary color.

Step 2 - Website Design

We used WordPress and a classic template for this website and then we customized it to match the mock-up. The idea was to have a split screen effect in the sections with the title on the left and the content on the right. On big screens, the title is floating around allowing visitors to always be aware on the section they are reading. This solution gives a modern and dynamic aspect and is also very user-friendly.

Full width pictures with text have been added in order to highlight some part of the content. They add balance to the whole design.