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Asset Digital

Branding for a startup

Asset Digital Communications, branding for a new marketing agency in Toronto


I met Mary-Jane working on a non-profit project in 2016. Mary-Jane was responsible for the marketing aspect and I was the designer.
A year later, Mary-Jane started a digital marketing agency in Toronto. She had come to realize that there was a big market in Toronto and Canada in this field.
We first discussed about her project, she explained to me her vision and needs. She also showed me what her future competitors offer.
What was at stake here was important, because, of course, a digital marketing agency has to be on top of things regarding its branding and website.
It was a big challenge for me and a great honor to help Mary-Jane launch her company onto the Toronto market.

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  • Client : Asset Digital Communications
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Step 1 - Discovery

Asset Digital Communications offers various services that go from web development and design to social media community management. The target customers are usually middle sized companies having already their place on the market and looking for ways to improve their image online. Mary-Jane wanted to give a dynamic and innovative feel to her business while being still seen as professional and reachable for everyone.

Step 2 - Branding

As accent color I suggested a dark yellow that brings dynamism and modernity.
Mary-Jane had in mind to use the “@” sign as base for her logo. It was a good way to suggest the digital world and the letter “A” of asset in the same symbol. From there I created different concepts.
The biggest challenge with the logo was that the name of company is very long. It took several tryouts to get it readable, and yet nicely displayed. Finally, we agreed on the final version: a yellow square @ with grey text on the side. The chosen font was straight, easy to read and quite simple.
After that, I created the business cards and several other marketing markers like banners.

Step 3 - Website

I finalised the website in the summer 2017. Of course the yellow from the brand is quite present. I also used a thin font that gives an elegant touch.
I highlighted the services by using icons. This is a great way to keep the content clear and appealing. With them, the message is made easier to read and more efficient.
The content was designed so it would be Le contenu a été mis en forme de manière à faciliter la lecture tout en conservant les marqueurs permettant d’améliorer le référencement.
The “About” page has a quite original layout. Using different pictures in a squared layout, the visitor understands quickly the company values.

Currently, my work with Mary-Jane is still on as we continue to develop the brand.

To be continued..