My Story
My Story

My Story

"Design is where science and art break even". - Robin Mathew

web and graphic designer in Toronto

Web Design by Mel – web and graphic designer in Toronto

It all started a few years ago....

I chose to leave my native country of France to come experience new adventures in Canada. Arrived with a tourist status, I knew that I would have to wait six months before receiving my working visa.
So, I decided to take advantage of this latency period and start a project that was on my mind for a long time: create a blog.

After spending months doing research and thanks to the Internet, I became expert in blogging tools. Observing the methods used by the most successful websites, I built my blog structure et started to write my posts. My first WordPress website was taking shape.

As I was learning more and more...

I realized quickly that I had a lot more to do and learn. I kept doing research and, being more and more fascinated by the web universe, I filled gaps while being inspired by the best. That is how I started to build my first mailing list and online store.

Always striving to do better, I spent hours looking for improvements and solutions to my technical issues. At the end of the day, I had started to have some expertise and I was pretty good at playing around with the website creation tools.
While my knowledge in web design was improving, I realized that I needed to learn more about graphic design. So I bought a graphic design software and started to create a visual identity for my brands. Then I started participating in some contests to improve my skill set. From there, I did my first steps into branding. I spent quite some time studying in order to understand how a brand was created. I looked into the best like Apple and Nike in order to get what a good branding is all about.

And something incredible happened...

The more I was learning about design, the more I had the impression I had finally found a place where I belong. For the first time since I had my engineer degree, the things I had learned where making sense. I had been trained to be able to synthesise, analyse and catch details and it was suddenly very useful. Besides, I had actually discover a way to express my creativity and that was really something.

A few months later, I met Karine and Yvan, proud owners of a seashell farm in the South of France. For quite some time, they had been looking for means to improve their image, without having a clue on where to start. Naturally, I offered them my help: Web Design by Mel was born.
To know more about the work I did for Karine and Yvan, please follow the link below to access the case study.

My first clients were delighted about their new branding and website. On my end, this experience had convinced me of the part I could play in helping small business owners like Karine and Yvan. One hundred projects later, it feels like I wasn’t wrong since you are actually reading this right now.

Vision & Values

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein

Because I believe that SMEs are the heart of country economic activity, I am proud that, everyday, Web Design by Mel helps small businesses to enhance their services, increase their sales and improve their image.
Every new project is a new story that starts and we continue to fill its pages together.

Here are my 3 commitments:


By taking the time to understand your challenges and looking for the best ways to solve them, I undertake to do my best to offer the more durable and worthwhile solution.


Because every company is facing different challenges, my suggestions are always customized and flexible.

Staying available

Finally, whatever happens, I will never let you down. Because we never know what the future might hold, I will stay available before, during and after your project completion.